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Accessorising for the Festive Season

If there's ever a time of year for dusting off the finery, it's during Christmas festivities. A full month at least of wearing party dresses, sparkling earrings, lavish dress rings and glitzy bracelets.

We believe in buying to last, and the perfect accessory will never go out of fashion and will always be by your side. What might seem an extravagant purchase ends up saving you money in the long run, and with pieces dating as far back as the Georgian era (thereby showing their longevity), you know your new favourite piece of jewellery will travel through life's journey with you.

Read below for our tips and advice on buying the right piece for you.

  1. When looking for statement pieces that you can wear again, think about the sort of shades you prefer to wear, whether this is make up, clothing, footwear or other matching jewellery. If you prefer darker shades, you may wish to delve into the ruby, sapphire and emerald collections. If you prefer a lighter colour that works with everything, you can't go wrong with diamonds.

  2. When buying something to last a lifetime, stick with a style you know you love. If you prefer big and bold, buy big and bold. Likewise, if you prefer small and intricate, buy something in this style.

  3. When it comes to metal colours, try and match with what you have already. This is especially true of rings, where metals worn stacked together, should be made from the same material. This minimises scratches between rings. Of course for bracelets and necklaces you may wish to have a contrasting colour and white gold, yellow gold and rose gold work well when worn together.

  4. Try and buy a piece that can be worn with different outfits, for different occasions including weddings, cocktail parties and work events. Diamond earrings, gemstone rings and statement pendants and bracelets all fit the bill.

Advice from the Jeweller's Wife

There's a trend at the moment for mixing different gold pieces together, but remember, what's in vogue now might not be a decade from now.

I'd always recommend buying your favourite gold, your favourite gem and your favourite style if you want a piece of jewellery that will last a lifetime.