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Relive the Roaring 20s in Art Deco Jewels

100 years on, let's revisit a decade that gave us flappers, jazz bands and bootleggers. Don a cocktail dress and accessorise yourself with art deco jewellery - instantly recognisable from its geometric patterns and lively motifs.

Make a new statement, with an old cut

From the 1890s to the 1930s, the old cut setting was the prevailing style and diamonds especially appear to have more depth when old cut, exuding a wonderful warmth. Perfect for those who prefer to accessorise with subtle extravagance.

Hitting the perfect target...

A popular style of the 1920s, and one forever tied to the art deco era, 'Target' jewellery highlights diamonds alongside a vivid second gemstone.

All a-fluster for the cluster!

Diamond clusters are a calling card of 1920's jewellery, and the designs are opulent, extravagant and made to draw the eye.