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Buy A Unique Engagement Ring For Your Fiancee

If you are looking for engagement rings in Devon, then come to Banwells in Old Fore Street, in Sidmouth. We are a family firm of jewellers that specialises in antique and pre-owned engagement rings and we have large stocks.

Because these rings are antique or pre-owned, it means that the engagement ring that you buy for your fiancée is going to be unique. She will not see anyone else wearing a similar ring, for the simple reason that – while there may be one or two similar rings somewhere in the world - they are highly unlikely to be found anywhere in the UK.

There is something very special about a ring that has been worn by someone else, perhaps for decades, and has been lovingly looked after for all those years. Now it is your fiancée’s turn to take care of it for another generation. Of course, as a family jewellers’ that specialises in pre-owned rings, we have years of practical experience of restoration of all types of jewellery, so you can be sure that any engagement ring that you consider will look as though it was only created yesterday.

Of course, when you are buying an engagement ring for your amazing girl friend there are two ways of doing it. One of them is after you have proposed, and the other is before you have proposed.

If you have proposed and been accepted, then congratulations! Now you can bring your new fiancée to our shop in Old Fore Street and browse our large selection of stunning engagement rings together. This has one advantage, and that is that your fiancée can make her own choice. You never know – she might set her heart on one that is less than you were prepared to pay!

The other way of buying an engagement ring can be somewhat worrying for you. Certainly, there is nothing so dramatic as going down on one knee and asking for your girlfriend’s hand in marriage, and then, when she says “yes”, producing the ring that you have already bought out of your pocket. It is the moment of a lifetime.

But what if she doesn’t fall in love with the ring as much as she is in love with you? This is the worry.

No problem. At Banwells we take all that worry off your mind. Come in and choose your ring for the big moment. If your girlfriend – now your fiancée – would prefer to choose a different ring, it’s no trouble. Bring her along to see us and we will happily exchange the ring for another of her choice.