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Charming Citrines

There's something rather pleasant about a birthstone that ties in with the season. Citrine, aglow with autumnal oranges and yellows, is a perfect gift for November birthdays.

A variety of quartz, citrine is named from the Latin word Citrina, which means yellow. Natural citrine's are rather rare, and often commercially made versions are created from smoky quartz or amethysts.

It has long been believed that citrine brings prosperity, so the stone is also referred to as the 'money stone.' It was worn often in Greece between 300 and 150BC but was incorporated into jewellery prior to this.

Citrine is said to offer fresh beginnings and was used to protect against evil thoughts. Even today the warmth of citrine is said to help those who suffer from seasonal affective disorder.

Regardless of whether you believe a citrine holds any meaning, it's the perfect shade for autumnal accessorising.