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Cleaning Jewellery at Home

You don't need any expensive tools to get your rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets back to their shiny best. All you need is washing up liquid, hot water and a soft head toothbrush.

Add washing up liquid and boiling water into a small bowl. Gently place your jewellery into the bowl and allow it to get wet, but don't soak. Remove the jewellery and with the toothbrush use small, gentle circular motions, around any gems and along any gold or silver areas. Dip the jewellery as often as is required to wash any debris off. Once finished, dry it off with a lint free cloth or leave to dry naturally and your jewellery will sparkle once more!

Please note that pearls and opals should not be allowed to get wet, and that certain stones, like emeralds, are softer and can get damaged, so please take care. If in any doubt, contact your local jeweller for advice and assistance.