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The Jeweller's Guide to Buying Christmas Gifts

Buying a gift for a loved one can be a daunting prospect, but there are jewellery buying tips that can help guide your purchase decisions.

  1. Look for pendants, earrings and necklaces. These are not generally jewellery pieces that would need resizing, though please be aware of chain lengths and if unsure get a chain of 18 inches which would fit most women.

  2. Look at the sort of jewellery your intended recipient wears. If they wear mainly white gold, buy them something made in the same metal. Likewise if they prefer yellow gold.

  3. A very petite person tends to wear more delicate items of jewellery, where bolder and larger pieces suit taller and broader body shape. You can usually tell the style of jewellery a person likes by the thickness of their ring bands, and size of pendants.

  4. Stone choice is very personal, but there is a birthstone associated with each birthday. It's a handy way to buy something connected to the recipient. For example, the December birstone is Turquoise.

Advice from the Jeweller's Wife

If you really don't know what gift to get your loved one, but you know they prefer antique or gemstone jewellery, you might be safer getting a gift voucher that allows you to choose a piece of jewellery together. You can buy a gift voucher here, and all vouchers come with a wax seal.