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Jewellery for an Autumnal Mood

There's something wonderfully moody about the cloudy morning skies, and darker, dusky evening as September turns to October. It's the perfect time to bring out the darker gemstones, that reflect the deeper colours of Autumn.

Sapphires, rubies, amethysts and garnets are all made to accessorise the cooler weather, and matched with a lighter colour like pearl, opal or moonstone, they can feel like they are emulating holly bushes against snowy backdrops.

Best Autumn Styles

Cluster rings with a startling central oval work well with a cluster of brilliant cut diamonds surrounding. The dark and light gems offer a beautiful juxtaposition, making them a versatile piece of jewellery for all seasons, and all occasions.

Likewise, a target pendant, with a diamond centre, surrounded by a darker gem also offer a similar contrast. The simplicity of this Art Deco style, usually in geometric shapes, mean that the pieces sit well over bulkier clothing, and under scarves, ready to be revealed once indoors.

For the same reason, large chunky square or rectangular gems sat in bracelets or rings grab attention when peeked at through the gap between glove and coat sleeve.