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Our Favourite Jewels for Summer

At Banwells we are big fans of summer gemstones and some colours certainly lend themselves to being worn on travels abroad, or in the (rare!) British sun.

Enjoy accessorising with August birthstone peridot, or aquamarine, chrysoberyl, citrine and topaz stones this summer. The prettiest palette of cool, gentle and warm tones evokes imagery of the ocean, clear skies and the lush colours of nature during the warmer weather.

The August birthstone is peridot, believed to be the Arabic word for gem, 'faridat'. Made from the mineral olivine, peridot is a green gem which the Egyptians believed had special healing powers. Some peridot arrived on Earth via meteorites, whilst others are found in lava!

Aquamarine literally means, 'water, of the sea' and its dazzling blue sparkle is certainly reminiscent of the waves. It's part of the Beryl mineral family, and is associated with good health and hope. Aquamarine looks especially fetching when paired with white gold.

Chrysoberyl comes from the greek words Chrysos and Beryllos, meaning 'golden beryllium,' which it is made from. There are three types of Chrysoberyl, Chrysolite which is yellow green in colour and comes from Brazil, Alexandrite which is very rare and in different lights, displays different colours from green to red and Cat's eye which has a silky feel.

4) Citrine

Citrine, named for 'lemon' in French, is actually less a bright yellow, and more a soft orange hue. Citrine is a member of the quartz family, and is considered useful in managing anger and improving your self esteem.

5) Topaz

There are two types of topaz, one named simply topaz, and the other imperial topaz. Imperial topaz is the rarer colours, which are more sought after, including pinks and honey yellow. First discovered by the Romans, it's believed to bring healing, and was perhaps first discovered on the island of Topazios.