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The weather has been a topical subject this week with most of the people that we have chatted to, for obvious reasons. We are a far cry away from the warm breeze and shade-seeking days that we were thankful for this time last year. However, as a business we are feeling all the warmth we could from our wonderful customers. Opening our doors again and hearing the familiar ‘ding dong’ bell as customers enter has brought more joy than we had really noticed prior to the pandemic. That sound evokes excitement, intrigue and potential; we love helping people with their jewellery stories.

Some pieces will be a part of the beginning of a journey, like a bespoke engagement ring design or a first time buying experience. Others will be seeking repair in order to continue their story, such as an heirloom necklace destined to remain within the family jewellery box. Many conversations with customers will be about up-cycling a piece that, while loved in its original state, may not be so wearable and so we will offer expert advice on how to change the style of the piece to make it versatile. Antique brooches can become more modern pendants, or beautiful stones can be reset in a new, bespoke design; old become new, unfashionable becoming a trend piece.

Whatever the reason for the door opening, we welcome every story.

We personally select each piece that we have in our collection at Banwells because it excites us, for whatever reason. Our collection is extensive, unique and beautiful and we know all the details of each and every one of them. We also enjoy chatting about them, which is why we are so thrilled to be able to share these details with our customers face-to-face again. So yes, the weather outside is grim but inside at Banwells we are pleased as punch to be doing what we love…(the shop is toasty too so come in and warm up).