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Taking Tangible to Technology...

Buying jewellery is, predominantly, a tangible thing. If you have bought, worn or been gifted any piece of jewellery before, you will have had the experience, probably, of going into a shop, perusing the options and then making your choice based on what you have seen and felt. The latter being one of the most important factors.

To feel a piece of jewellery on your skin can be the deciding factor; the silkiness of that 14ct gold band on your finger, the weight of the charm bracelet on your wrist or the presence of the diamond pendant dancing on the chain around your neck. Wearing jewellery is a physical experience.

So with all of these relatively new changes in circumstance, it is vital for us to make sure your shopping experience remains just that; a physical one. We want you to know your piece of jewellery as well as possible before you buy. In order to do that we offer video conferences, detailed photographs, conversations via email and other modes of chat! We remain as available as possible to you so that you can be sure that that piece os just right for you, be it an engagement ring, rose gold link bracelet or knot stud earrings!