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Tantalising Turquoises

Worn by ancient Egyptians, and Aztecs, turquoise has been sought after for thousands of years. The blue-green mineral is found in a number of countries, notably the south western states of the United States of America. Native Americans mined them with stone tools, and turquoise is often found in their jewellery designs. Today many mines are depleted, unsurprising considering it was one of the first gems to be mined.

Turquoise is an opaque mineral, made from copper and aluminium, and is often created as a by-product of copper mining. Like many opaque gems, the introduction of imitation and synthetics means that turquoise has lost value over time. The Persian turquoise found in Iran, is used as a guide for working out the quality of turquoises.

Turquoise is the birthstone of December, and brings protection and luck to the wearer. It's considered a calming stone that can remove negativity.