The captivating allure of a ring of diamonds has never failed to win the hearts of those who receive them. The sentiment of unending devotion, love and respect has afforded diamond eternity rings a strong contender as the most acquired ring after the engagement and wedding rings.

Presented at a time of deep love by a partner often makes the eternity ring a perfect 'push present' or jewellery gift after the birth of a child. It is also given as 10 year anniversary gift to reflect continued affections and it can also be a beautiful ring to give on a special Birthday such as a 30th, 40th or 50th.

There are many styles of eternity rings, from those made up purely of diamonds, or a coloured gemstone and those that are a combination of two or more gemstones. A sapphire and diamond eternity like the one picture above would be an ideal gift for a September Birth or Birthday.

A full eternity ring is one where the the stones fully encircle the band, with no end or beginning. A three-quarter eternity is a more contemporary design, featuring stones almost the entire way round, but with a slight gap. This can make the ring both slightly moire cost effective and more easily adjustable, as with the full eternity ring it is very difficult to resize. Half eternities feature stones only half the way around the ring, this makes them more easily adjustable, and can be perfect for travelling when you may wish to swing the stones to the back so the ring appears as a simple band.

Eternity rings are perfect for stacking alongside an engagement ring and wedding band or other eternity rings. Due to their simple style they truly are one of the most elegant and desirable ring styles and should never be overlooked.

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