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Wimbledon Jewellery Collection

Game, Set and Match!

It's not just the Wimbledon Whites that guide the fashion choices of Wimbledon, but the official tournament colours, Wimbledon Purple and Wimbledon Green. They were introduced in 1909 when it was realised that the previous colours of blue, yellow, red and green were too similar to those of the Royal Marines. I'm sure we've all had a cap, towel or umbrella with the well known logo depicted on it, but what about upping your fashion game (pardon the pun) with some lovely matching jewellery?

Our Amethyst, Peridot and Pearl collections are perfect, not just for Wimbledon, but the British summer ahead (come rain or shine).

Classy, classic and charming, just like Wimbledon.

Centre Court

Pimms with your strawberries? It's as British as it comes, and we wouldn't be without as we sit on Centre Court (or in front of the television) taking in the action. Lifting your summer tipple is the perfect opportunity for showing off bracelets and rings!