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Do you have any gold jewellery that you may wish to sell?

We are always happy to give appraisals on your jewellery and will make strong offers on any pieces we would like to buy, including scrap gold and silver.

If you are looking to sell or part exchange your jewellery pieces please feel free to bring them into our Sidmouth shop. We have been gold buying in Devon for many years and provide a central location for you to sell your gold with fair, considered and appropriate offers.

Please contact us to book an appointment. After assessing your pieces we will present you with your options which could be any combination of the following:

  1. An outright offer paid by bank transfer or cheque.

  2. An offer to part exchange jewellery against the cost of any of our pieces.

  3. A possible suggestion of re modelling your pieces into something bespoke that you would love to wear. 

All the above advice is free of charge with no obligation.

Part Exchange

Part exchange your old pieces for the perfect piece to suit you now. For upgrades or to swap out your unwanted older items

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