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Art Deco Jewellery (1920-1935)

This post World War I style was marked out by it's geometric patterns, straight lines and lively motifs. Art Deco Jewellery is still a highly popular style today.


With men at war, and women taking on more roles, the Edwardian wardrobe was rendered obsolete as the 1920's dawned. Shorter dresses and lower neck lines meant there was an opportunity to accessorise more visibly with mosaic designs. Invisible settings were used as a result of different gem cutting and hidden metal which allowed the jewels to do the talking in this more modern era, especially with Art Deco rings. Shorter hairstyles meant longer drop Art Deco earrings, and Art Deco pendants were very popular. The metal of choice was platinum and most pieces would feature diamonds in the new style of baguette or French cut.

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