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Everything to Know About
Wedding Bands

Wedding bands represent a lifelong promise to our partner and, in most cases, are worn every day. That's why choosing a wedding band that is right for you is so important. There is a huge variety of wedding bands to choose from. In this guide, we're going to explore the most popular wedding band types and what to consider when choosing yours.

Classic Wedding Bands

Among the most popular of all wedding rings are the classic wedding bands, these are crafted from, either yellow gold, white gold, platinum, rose gold, silver or titanium. However, It's not just the metal type you need to think about; there are many variations of style to choose from, the three most common being D shape, court shape and flat.  

D shape is a flat ring on the inside with a rounded exterior.

Court shape has a softly rounded interior and exterior profile. 

Flat offer a flat exterior profile and a rounded interior.

All of these bands can be finished in a number of ways, polished, satin, matte or brushed. 

A couple holding hands showing their gold wedding bands and engagement ring.
Two gold Wedding Rings

Diamond Wedding bands

It's now very popular to choose a wedding band with diamonds, not only for women but also for men! The most popular diamond wedding bands are:

  • Half Eternity: This features a row of diamonds on the top half of the band.

  • Full Eternity: Diamonds adorn the entire circumference of the band.

This type of wedding band also offers a vast selection of diamond settings, including:

  • Bezel Set

  • Channel

  • Flush

  • Shared Prong

The possibilities are countless!

Russian yellow gold ring

Shaped Wedding Bands

Shaped wedding bands tend to be custom made to fit around engagement rings. If your engagement ring is flush against your finger and takes up more surface area, you may opt for a shaped/curved wedding band to sit nicely around your engagement ring. These can come in diamond or plain metal combinations. The other type of shaped wedding band includes those with a twist or a wiggly appearance the whole way around the finger.

A selection of gold rings in a jewellery box

Wedding Bands Widths & Weights

Once you have chosen the style of wedding band, the next stage is to select the weight and width of the band you prefer. It's recommended that men choose a band width between 4mm and 8mm, while women opt for 1mm to 3mm. For men, there are a few factors to consider. If you're not accustomed to wearing a ring, it would be sensible to choose a lighter, thinner band. Similarly, if you have small hands, a large 8mm band may appear too bulky. Our advice would be to try on a few different widths.

Jeweller polishing an engagement ring

Caring for your Wedding Bands

Over the years, your wedding band will experience some bumps and knocks, so we recommend having your wedding band checked by a jeweller once a year and cleaned to maintain its appearence.

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