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Generation Jewellery

Here at Banwells we recently had the incredible experience of adding another little member to our family. When a brand new little human is welcomed into the family there is a surge of love that flows through each connected person. You fall in love again with a fresh, innocent warmth reserved for tiny newborns in warm hats and cosy blankets. Giving jewellery can be a way of celebrating this.

As a family jewellers we are in the wonderful position of being able to source unique pieces of jewellery for anyone wishing to celebrate extending, or expanding, their family. An engagement ring, an eternity band, a dearest ring or a diamond pendant can then be handed down through the family. We are able to help families start their own generation jewellery. Part of the beauty of jewellery that is handed down through generations are the stories they come with.

In a time of disposable jewellery, our collection represents jewellery that will be passed down through generations. Beautiful pieces that are always fascinating on to look at, unique designs that will always be worn.

If you are looking to celebrate an expanding family, in what ever form that comes, contact us today, or visit us own Sidmouth, and we can support you in sourcing the perfect piece to tell your story.




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