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Meet the women behind Banwells

When you visit Banwells, nestled on the pedestrian Old Fore Street in Sidmouth, you will often be welcomed by Ann and Heidi. The faces of Banwells, they have extensive jewellery experience and have been involved with Banwells for many years, and lived in the seaside town of Sidmouth far longer. Behind the scenes, there are also many other women working to bring you the very best in antique and contemporary jewellery. In fact, the only gent working for Banwells is Simon, knowledgeable jeweller and also one of the company directors, alongside Sally his wife. Let us introduce you to the 'behind the scenes' team...

Ali - Retired dentist, occlusion specialist

On top of being a wonderful grandmother to the Banwells children, Ali also models for Banwells.

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Lessons in Chemistry; so many relatable professional parallels!

Bear - Dentist and endodontic specialist

We're a family run business, and many of the wonderful ladies involved are family. Bear is sister to the Director, and also an oft used model for Banwells who is also an accomplished singer and songwriter.

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Run or walk?

Running; its more efficient!

Katie - Freelance Photographer and Zoologist

The adventurous auntie, and boss's sister, Katie is often off photographing animals in the wild, in places we could only dream of visiting.

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Most favoured animal to snap?

Probably the leopard.

Verity - Freelance Publishing Editor

Model for Banwells, and is cherished Godmother to one of the Banwells' sprogs.

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Preferred Season?

Autumn; the official start of Roast Season!

Sally - Company Director and Creative Director

Married to Simon, the other Director of Banwells, and mother to three children. Photographer for Banwells, so can often be found setting jewellery up on various antiquities.

Banwells jewellery wishlist...

Antique Rose Cut Diamond Earrings - one of our oldest items of jewellery, hailing from the Georgian era.

Favourite mealtime?

It has to be breakfast; the possibilities are endless!

Sarah - Digital Marketing Director

When not working and parenting two little people, Sarah can usually be found on the beach, she even dips a toe in the sea on ocassion!

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Car or Van?

Campervan adventures every time, in Piglet, a van almost as old as some of the antique jewellery on Banwells!