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Summer Colours that Sparkle

Wearing dark shades of gemstone in Winter makes for a deep, luscious coloured accessory. Summer, in turn, allows true sparkle to come from the gems being worn, glistening and rippling as the light hits, making the jewellery look alive.

Pinks, greens, oranges and yellows look different shades depending on the time of day, and every time you look at your ring it tells a different story. Worn alongside diamond, which always seeks the sunlight, and you have a dynamic pairing.

Our favourites for this Summer, heatwaves included, are emerald, coral, pearl, ruby, citrine and the truly magnificent yellow sapphire.

Peridot Perfection

The August birth stone is Peridot, a beautiful leafy green, that harks of breezy, sun shining days and hillside picnics.

A compassionate stone, peridot balances emotions and minds, bringing peace and good health. It inspires creativity, and is a perfect gift for an August birthday, and the Leo or Virgo wearing it.

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