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Summer Styling...

Moving into the warmer summer days and we are intoxicated by the month of June melting into the month of July. The song lyrics from Alice and Wonderland always ring to mind as we begin to experience the golden afternoons and the prospect of garden parties, drinks in the sun and alfresco dining…

“You can learn a lot of things from the flowers

For especially in the month of June

There's a wealth of happiness and romance

All in the golden afternoon”

* All in the Golden Afternoon, Alice in Wonderland

Along with the simple excitement of meeting loved ones again and clinking in the joyous occasion, it is perhaps a time for choosing what we ‘compliment’ our clothing with. In straight forward terms…summer styling.

Let us be clear; whether it’s supporting your glorious maxi dress with some serious diamond ring game or throwing on your fail-safe stud earrings to accompany your garden boots, we know that the perfect piece can elevate your day. Choosing jewellery isn’t just about those sporadic special occasions, it’s about choosing to suit your every day. We adore all the pieces in our collection and some of them are for the more elaborate moments, but equally we believe in the every day that stretches to the evening; if there is one…sometimes it’s just a cup of tea in bed with a good book!

Our gold and turquoise ‘bean’ earrings are a fine example of something that can be thrown on during the day and then paraded at night. Our ruby and diamond half eternity band can signify the celebration of a union, anniversary or just a love of rubies… this ring is a versatile piece that rise to the (non)occasion, whatever it may be.

Enjoy your golden afternoons as much as possible this summer. If you want to style them well, then you know where to find us!




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