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The Wedding Band; the unsung hero of the fourth finger?

Is the wedding band the unsung hero of the fourth finger? With a huge amount of creative thought and anticipation weighted on the shoulders of the engagement ring, does the wedding band receive the recognition it truly deserves?

Researching the history and origin of the wedding band makes for fascinating reading and, depending on which era takes your fancy, there are tales of Ancient Egyptian braided rings of hemp, of interlocking Gimmel rings and of metal bands worn on the fourth finger because of the belief it contained the vena amoris, the vein of love. Some cultures even exchange toe rings instead of finger rings…

Whichever origin resonates most, the universal reason for a wedding band is to symbolise the union of two people. A symbol of infinite love and dedication. An engagement ring is, perhaps, more if an indication of such a promise.

Each wedding band has it’s own story, whether it be a yellow gold, rose gold, platinum, silver or half eternity band, treasure yours and give your wedding band the recognition it deserves!




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