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Let's Talk Men's Jewellery...

At Banwells, we champion jewellery for men; as the perfect addition to your style, a gift for someone else or to mark momentous life events. From the traditional cufflink to a more modern style of necklace, we have personally selected the pieces that we have in store and online because of their unique style, historic background or exceptional craftsmanship. Whether searching for a statement ring to fit your personal style, or for a pocket watch to mark a marriage to a significant other, what you choose should feel like it's the perfect piece.

Subtle silver dress studs are a way to elevate your shirt lapel game. Our rose cut diamond studs take stud earrings for men to another level, not to mention our diamond stud earring collection for a range of possibilities. If a boyfriend bracelet is something you’re searching for then get in contact with us and we can discuss what type of metal and styles work for the wearer. It would also be remiss of us to forget the unsung hero of the fourth finger…the wedding band! Our wedding band collection in store is diverse and we know how important it is to get that one right! From embossed gold bands to modern platinum rings, we are able to find the final one.

Jewellery for men, where once more about symbol, is now inextricably linked to fashion, whether the style is traditional or contemporary, statement or themed. A box link chain will certainly support spring trends that are emerging; a chain tracing the round neckline of a vest under a suit. Or practice the art of ‘spressatura’, for the more nonchalant, with a 1970 redux style by neck stacking different necklaces and pendants together. Adorning your hand with multiple dress rings (our onyx and rose gold signet ring would work well with gold band stack for a street style look), or styling up a waistcoat with a set of onyx and diamond dress studs for a more classic look, is about feeling individual and distinctive.




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