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Unique Pieces Of Antique And Bespoke Jewellery

Banwells Antiques in Old Fore Street in Sidmouth, Devon, is a family-owned and run jewellers that is now in the second generation. We are specialists in finding and purchasing unique pieces of antique jewellery and pre-owned jewellery the like of which you can find nowhere else.

Jewellery design in Sidmouth
Antique jewellers Sidmouth

As you would expect, our stocks are constantly changing because we are not like the chain stores that sell mass-produced jewellery and which you can find in every town in the country. We find pieces that people will treasure for the fact that they are unique and nobody else has a similar piece. If you have a piece of antique or pre-owned jewellery that you wish to sell, please bring it into us for an appraisal and valuation. We will also make you a very fair offer if it is a piece that we would like to add to our stock, because we are for ever on the lookout for unique pieces for our regular customers. We may also part exchange your jewellery if you decide that you would like to buy a piece from our stocks.

Not only do we buy and sell antique and pre-owned jewellery, we are also experts in restoration and repair of damaged pieces. Like anything else, jewellery can become damaged over the years, and in particular can have stones that become dislodged and need replacement. Clasps on necklaces and brooches can become worn or broken and need repairing. Sometimes it may be necessary to have a ring re-sized. We an undertake all this type of work in our workshop and restore your jewellery to look like new.

We also undertake all types of jewellery design in Sidmouth. If you have an idea for a piece of jewellery that you want as a gift, or even for yourself, we can produce bespoke jewellery to order. For example, you may want an engagement ring that is unique for that very special girl in your life who is also unique. Talk to us about your ideas and we will ensure that you have a very happy fiancée!

It is not just engagement rings. We can produce bespoke jewellery for any purpose such as something for retirement, long service, birth of a child, or any other milestone in your life or that of your loved ones. The possibilities are quite honestly limitless, so come and visit us to discuss your ideas.




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